30th September to 2nd October 2016.

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"I try to escape the traps of reality all the while preserving a link to the real."

During this workshop Michael Ackerman will share with you his instinctive and visionary approach to photography. His method doesn’t follow tradition, it is not a simple chronicle of events. The pace of his photography is closer to cinematography than traditional documentary photography: images used in sequences, different formats, pictures that appear «wrong», images used as links between other images; all used to compose an essay that does not value where or when the pictures were taken but rather attempts to capture a deeper emotional and spiritual truth of the subject.

The goal of this workshop is to challenge and inspire you. To lead you deeper into the territory that we are exploring as photographers. The subjects to photograph during the workshop will be chosen by either the participant or by Michael, depending on each individual’s vision, curiosity and sensibility. The point is to photograph what you love, what obsesses you, what you fear. We will focus on meaning and expression, rather than form and technique. We should feel free to search, experiment, break borders, make mistakes, take emotional risks, all in the goal of getting closer to ourselves.

Participants are required to work on the following assignment prior to the workshop: explore a subject – an individual, a group, a type of people, a street, a neighborhood, a place, whatever. Any subject is ok. The point is that the photographer is truly connected and intrigued by the subject. There is a real need and desire. The photographer dedicates a lot of time to visit, explore, dig, question. It's not a matter of doing something quickly and superficially. Photograph what you love, what you fear, what you’re obsessed with. And bring that work- more or less in progress- to the workshop.

The participants will be challenged to realize their own unique approach, thoroughly exploring areas of edititing and methods of presentation.
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In Michael Ackerman’s work, documentary and autobiography conspire with fiction, and all of the above dissolve into hallucination. Common themes have always run through his photography and they’re equally grand and down to earth. Time and timelessness, personal history and the history of places. Decayed and damaged images, not as a matter of style but a direct analogue of experience, which is never pristine. The particular journeys of his book Half Life encompass New York, Havana, Berlin, Naples, Paris, Warsaw, and Krakow, but the locations aren’t necessarily recognizable at all. Michael has been moving towards this erasure of geographical and other distinctions in his photographs for some time. There is surely a trajectory away from the constraints of a traditional documentary mode towards a very different way of getting at the world. Jem Cohen.



14th to 16th October 2016

THREE DAYS WORKSHOP. £600. Download Workshop PDF   ENROL NOW

"Photography isn't just about clicking the shutter button. It's more about yourself and your own inner reality, your longings and desires. It's about discovering and shaping your own personal approach to photography. During this workshop I will have only one simple wish that you are curious and vulnerable, not only looking for the "good" picture, but the believable one, showing your temperament and dreams." Anders Petersen.

During this workshop you will be advised and taught by one of the most influential and inspiring black and white photographers of our times. Anders Petersen will introduce himself and his work. He will talk about his techniques. He will sit with you and evaluate your portfolio, challenging your approach, helping you to find out about your errors and weaknesses and construct a forward helpful working plan.

You will have the possibility to confront with other fellow photographers and you also be able to do some hands-on practice. Anders will indeed train you how to get close to people, to eliminate barriers. He will focus on how to approach your subjects, entering their private lives in a respectful manner.

"So whatever you take pictures of, they have to be as close as possible to self portraits, something that you can identify with. Photography is an emotional platform allowing you to communicate with both your intuition and your experience, it enables you to enter into new dimensions of your personality and interpret reality through it.

I'm looking forward to seeing your personal portfolios and I will be showing you my pictures. There will be practical shooting through small assignments. You will need to bring a body of work that you are working on, or a portfolio showing your best pictures.

Three days of personal photography in simple English, please be prepared."
Anders Petersen.
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Cult like figure Anders Petersen is the author of Café Lehmitz, one of the most regarded book in the history of European photography, and the winner of more than a dozen renowned photography prizes such as The Arles Photographer of the Year Award and the Paris Photo PhotoBook of the Year award. Petersen is known for his intimate and documentary-based photography projects, photographs that are very close and personal, and that can carry an incredibly humanistic and soulful depth.



2nd to 4th September 2016

WORKSHOP 3: MICHELE TURRIANI. "Large Format Polaroid"
THREE-DAY WORKSHOP. £490. Download Workshop PDF  ENROL NOW

A three-day,large format Polaroid photography workshop with Michele Turriani. Utilising Impossible’s Project’s 10x8 Polaroid materials and New 55 film. On Lightship 93, a former lightship converted to location and photographic studio.

"I designed this course as a practical introduction to the pleasures of large format photography and instant, Polaroid inspired film. After a brief introduction to my own Polaroid celebrity portraiture we will proceed with an exploration of cameras, lenses and instant materials.

Day 1:
Morning: A brief introduction to Turriani’s large format Polaroid portraiture. Followed by a demonstration of 10x8 and 5x4 cameras, large format lenses, (including early, rare portrait lenses) and Impossible Project film types for large format cameras. Also New 55 film, an instant b/w positive and negative material.
Afternoon: The participants will have the opportunity to operate a large format camera and will practice by shooting still life subjects and portraits in a studio setting. They will also learn how to expose and process the instant materials.

Day 2:
All day: Portraiture and nude photoshoot, utilising Lightship 93 for studio and location settings. Introduction to the skills and techniques required for working with models or sitters when using large format cameras.

Day 3:
All day: How to scan or digitally re-photograph Polaroid negatives and positives, followed by an introduction to photoshop retouching techniques.

Each participant will create at least one large format Polaroid print to keep. An experienced model will be available for the duration of the second day's shoot.
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Michele Turriani is a London-based, Italian photographer. He started his career in the early nineties working for the music industry, notably for seminal labels like 4AD, Virgin Records, Real World Records. His advertising clients include Honda, Pirelli, Heineken, Nescafe, Diesel, Levi’s. He is best known for his distinctive large format portraiture style and has a personal predilection for Polaroid materials. Among his sitters are Cate Blanchett, Martin Scorsese, Helen Mirren, Giorgio Armani, Claudia Schiffer, Cristiano Ronaldo and Peter Gabriel.
For further info please logon to Michele Turriani's website. or personal blog.


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